Memories of the Old Stables on Pelham Parkway


Growing up in the Bronx, the stables at the end of Pelham Parkway was a special place. The first time I went there, I was 4 years old, and it was a group trip for my pre-kindergarten group. It was my first time seeing horses and ponies up close. My favorite pony there was a brown mare with a jet black mane named Lucy. I loved feeding her carrots. Neither I nor my classmates wanted to leave those stables.

12 years later, my parents and I took my nephew to those same stables. Lucy was long gone, but their horses and ponies were as beautiful as ever. Seeing my nephew ride a pony for the first time reminded me of my first time all those years ago. It was an amazing thing to share.

The stables at the end of Pelham Parkway have been out of business for years now, and all that’s left of the place is a husk, along with the memories of what used to be. I miss the horses, and I miss seeing them trot up and down Pelham Parkway. The only solace I have is that I had a chance to experience these stables in their prime, filled with magnificent creatures.



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