Life’s Curve Balls

The past few weeks have taught me that even if you expect the unexpected, you can still be blindsided.  When I started this blog, I thought I’d be doing updates, essays and articles every week. As it turns out, my life is pretty time consuming at the moment for a blog. With my direct care job being as consuming as it is, and other external factors coming at me, I have rarely had the chance to live up to the “pop culture” and “politics” parts in my blog’s motto, only having rare moments to share personal  insight.

Lately, my blog has turned into a photography outlet for me, sharing my snapshots with the world. For all of you who enjoyed my snapshots throughout the winter, I thank you for the support. It’s a hobby, but one I absolutely love and take seriously.

As I type this entry, it amazes me how much is going on in the world, but how little time I’ve had for myself to share it. Hopefully, that will change soon. For those who stuck around, thank you greatly. I hope that  these next few weeks, I’ll be able to bring something new and read-worthy to your attention. Stay tuned.

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