Let It Out

First post on here. Well, before anything, the best thing is to introduce myself and give you an idea of what this blog’s about. I’m Dan.  Pleased to meet you.

Now, as for what this blog is about, it’s basically a way to turn my random thoughts into an open forum. Only my thoughts aren’t 100 percent random. A lot of what runs though my brain may or may not be what runs through yours. World events, history, movies, music, life lessons, that time I walked into a stop sign. Aside from that last one, most things that go through my mind are culture-based, hence the blog name. My objective? To either open your eyes to a perspective you may not have seen before, or to get you further acquainted with things you already know. Most of it will be reflection on events of the world, be it the back-and-forth fuelled by the news networks, or the epic surge in superhero movies. Once in a blue, I’ll share a personal story or two, maybe even offer some motivation for you. Regardless of what I put on here, it will be positive and entertaining for you.

So, without further ado, welcome to Culture Fodder.