To Those Who Can’t Stand Summer

For those who can’t bear the heat of summer, here’s a friendly reminder of what we dealt with a few months ago.


So, would you rather break out the shovel and the salt, or would you rather break out the sunglasses and sunscreen? 😉

As The Snow Melts Away…


As the snow melts away, making way for spring, I take a moment to remember when all I could see was streets and sidewalks covered in snow. The snowfalls and blizzards that filled every commute, the way my boots pressed through inches of snow as I treaded forward, and the numerous moments I had my camera ready for those picturesque landscapes in my neck of the urban “woods”. All things considered, I’m ready for spring. Goodbye, winter.

Snowfall on Astor Avenue


One blizzard after another in New York. On the daily commute, it’s as hectic as can be. But on the backstreets of the quiet side of town, it’s as peaceful as can be. While the snow is pushed by the wind into the masses in the city, on the outskirts, the snow slowly falls like leaves in the fall. The picturesque comparison of nature’s yin and yang, mere miles apart from each other.